Big Trade In CPJ Stock Transfers One-Tenth Of The Company

A large trade of Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) shares, valued at $333 million and amounting to one-tenth of the company, was executed this week, making it the second-largest trade ever recorded for the stock over two years. CPJ Chief Executive Officer Dr. David Lowe said Mayberry Investments Limited acted as the broker for the [...]

Restructuring delivers results for Caribbean Producers

Although nine-month earnings were down some four cents on the year before — moving from US$0.21 per share to US$0.17, directors of Caribbean Producers Jamaica Ltd (CPJ) indicate that the company is now reaping the results of a restructuring programme which began in the first quarter and will continue beyond the current fiscal year.In [...]

CPJ Market seeks food partner ahead of Kingston launch

  Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited is projecting annual income of J$300 million from the soon-to-be-opened CPJ Market on Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston. The two-storey retail shopping and dining complex is costing J$80 million to develop, says chairman of Caribbean Producers, Mark Hart. "The concept is the next generation of our popular CPJ Market located [...]

CPJ allocation finalised

Investors from the general public who bid on Caribbean Producers Jamaica's (CPJ's) initial public offering (IPO) will get the first $150,000 worth of shares but will have to take a small fraction of the amount of shares they bid on in excess of 75,000 stock units. Yesterday, Mayberry Investments Limited (MIL), lead broker in the [...]

CPJ IPO oversubscribed

The initial public offering (IPO) of shares in Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) was oversubscribed and closed a minute after subscriptions opened Friday morning. Mayberry Investments Limited, lead broker in the application in the proposed admission of CPJ to the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, stated in a press release that the IPO was [...]