Corporate Sustainability

To reduce our electricity costs, the Board of Directors took the decision to invest in a 450 kW solar PV plant and installation of the system began in March 2015. The new plant will be commissioned in October 2015 and it is expected to lower our electricity spend by approximately US$200,000 annually. Management also tightened controls for dispensing and monitoring fuel for our delivery trucks and this led to an improvement in overall fuel yield of over 70%, or over US$100,000 in savings annually.

We are primary sponsor of the Montego Bay Marine Park Care Protect Jamaica initiative which is aimed at educating children on the importance of caring for Jamaica’s marine life and in general our environment. The team visited 24 high schools and spoke with the students about caring for the environment. Emphasis was placed on educating the students regarding the harmful and negative effects of littering and throwing garbage in the gullies as these actions destroy marine life which is a vital component of our environment.

The teachers and children at the schools were elated to have us and each visit ended with the students of the school’s environment club receiving a tour of the Montego Bay Fishing Village and its reef. Ecstatic children greeted us on every occasion and showed their appreciation through most creative entertainment.