This Division has five departments; Maintenance, Juice Plant, Meat Processing Plant, Warehouse, and Shipping. Both responsible for very key activities to ensure CPJ gives the best service to our valued customers. CPJ is the only distributor on the North Coast of Jamaica with a bonded warehouse, giving us the flexibility to hold wines and spirits duty-free.


Our Distribution Centre

An important department, basically where all product activities begin and end. The warehouse’s primary function is to store and protect all goods procured to supply our valued customers all around Jamaica. At our warehouse, our wide range of food, beverage, wines & spirits is carefully stored at the ideal temperatures guaranteeing their quality to you our customer.

Depending on the products, the respective international standards are maintained to the delight of our very satisfied customers. Our warehouse utilizes a modern state of the art warehouse management system including loading machinery, equipment ranging from motorized, non-motorized and electronic hand-held devices. These tools ensure all products are accurately accounted for and released on a timely basis.

We have warehouse locations designed to service all our customers easily and efficiently.

They are all located in:

  • Montego Freeport, Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Our Dispatch Centre

An equally important department, this section handles all transportation activities to ensure the ordered products leave the warehouse and reach the customers:

  • In a timely manner
  • At an acceptable quality standard

We currently offer to our customers scheduled delivery services in two ways:

  • Pre-Sales – As a national distributor with a fleet of 25 trucks, we are able to offer next-day delivery service. The CPJ fleet includes large refrigerated and smaller dry trucks.
  • Direct Sales Distribution – The CPJ fleet also includes trucks dedicated to our Direct Sales Distribution (DSD) sales force. Our DSD operation gives CPJ the channel for island-wide direct route sales. This channel is used to effectively place in the market its growing range of well known international branded products such as Solo, Corona, and Arizona just to name a few.

Juice Plant

Our Juice Manufacturing Centre

Manufactures –Juices and Mixed Drinks. Also provides service for Beverage systems.
( See Beverage Systems. )

Main customers are from the On–premise Trade Market which includes:

  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs

We currently manufacture two beverage products. Both products have a maximum shelf life of 6 months:

  • Juices are multi-flavoured
  • Mixed Drinks are in a form known as Slush.

Cariburst is a locally made Juice Concentrate, available in 6 attractive flavors, produced and distributed by CPJ.

Cariburst is operating in a highly competitive environment, however, the brand has managed to gain traction among consumers. Cariburst is smooth and rich due to the high-quality raw material used in the refinement process. Cariburst is a premium, versatile product, which is ideal for a variety of consumption occasions.


  • Apple
  • Cranberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemonade
  • Orange
  • Pineapple

Brand Attributes

  • All Natural Fruits
  • Very Refreshing
  • Vitamin enriched
  • All Natural Sweetener
  • Processed to ensure stable shelf life
  • Free of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Meat Processing Plant

Our Meat Processing Centre

Our meat processing plant will continue to contribute to overall sales by servicing the demand of the hospitality market with beef and pork products. In 2013 began processing and distributing its own branded meat products such as hamburgers, sausages, ready to cook pork products and bacon. The meat plant continues to deliver consistently high-quality products, fulfilling the demand for pork products.