CPJ is committed to ensuring that all employees are well trained and developed for their roles and responsibilities. Training shall include as much as possible the skills required in specific job functions as well as areas related to the personal and career development of the employee. Training shall also be a means of motivating employees to perform their jobs properly and of making them aware of the links between their function and the overall activities of the company.

It is the objective of CPJ to implement training programs in all aspects of CPJ operations inclusive of sales, administration, production, distribution, occupational health and safety and any other area deemed necessary for safe and efficient operations of the business.     

Career Opportunities

CPJ has a large pool of multi-talented, committed professionals. We are always on the lookout for bright, new talent who are pro-active, productive and fearlessly competitive.

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Work Ethic & Corporate Culture

We nurture a strong work ethic and reward those employees who contribute consistently to the team.We need employees who understand our fundamental business of distribution in the hospitality and retail markets.

We value our human resources above anything else and have structured career growth for those with the passion and industriousness that brings growth to this company.

Our personnel policy, otherwise known as the Employee Handbook, clearly states CPJ’s promise as well as the ’employees promise’ to maintain our rules and regulations; fostering a mutually beneficial and transparent relationship.

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