World’s Number One Premium Tequila

////World’s Number One Premium Tequila

Jamaicans are not renowned for drinking Tequila but Patron has been making believers out of many. This internationally recognized brand is exceptional for a reason. It is made from a small artisan distillery that manufactures small batches of Tequila. Firstly they are produced from 100% Weber Tequilana Blue Agave which when grown in this region of Jalisco is known to produce excellent high quality “honey”. All the Blue Agave that is used for its production is Estate Grown, and hand- picked.

Stainless steel ovens are not used as the Agave is cooked in clay ovens, which gives the Tequila a unique smooth flavor. Consequently Patrón is seen as offering higher quality than other competing lines because of the brand’s heritage and natural ingredients. Patrón is also notable for its frequent mention in popular American Pop Rap, Rap and R&B songs particularly from R. Kelly. The primary reason for the excellence of Patrón tequilas can also be equated to time and care.

Yes Patron is a little pricey. However, like great wines the creation of great tequilas cannot be rushed. The basic reason that Patron tequilas are priced as they are is due to using only the highest quality “agave pineapples”, properly selected, trimmed and thereafter allowing nature’s time for cooking, fermenting, distilling and aging. Excellence cannot be forced or rushed. All of this time and care results in the un-equalled soft, smooth and delicious tequilas. No wonder Patron is the undisputed world’s number one ultra premium tequila, and winning a slew of accolades over the years.

Patron XO Café

The XO café is Patron’s spinoff Coffee liqueur. Created with the same attention to detail as Patron Tequilas, Xo café is blended to bring out the flavour of tequila with a pure coffee essence creating an amazing liqueur. XO café has received spectacular reviews at events such as our Patron Launch at Caymanas last year, UTOPIA and Shocktober. Its consumer base is clearly on a fast track as Jamaicans become increasingly enamoured with its smooth flavourful taste.

How do you have it?

For many Jamaicans, Patron is an easily acquired taste. The key is to learn to drink this high grade tequila on its own. Appreciate the flavor that only comes from a painstakingly detailed distilling process. If the idea of a shot of Patron at room temperature is too unappealing try it chilled. Chilled Patron Silver goes down smooth and with little to not aftertaste. Take your time with it and understand this is what tequila is supposed to taste like. CPJ has Patron chill machines installed at Margaritaville, Blue Beat, Coral Cliff, Twisted Kilt, Jungle, Pier 1 and Medusa.

Patron also makes cocktails such as the Perfect Cosmopolitan with the Silver and the Perfect Anejo Pacifico.

The XO café is great over ice, mixed with cream or as a delicious cocktail addition. For the culinary adept, Xo café is great for creating luscious desserts and other gourmet delights.

Patron Silver, Reposad, Anejo and XO café is available at major Retail stores,bars and night clubs island-wide. Is perfection debatable? You be the judge.

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