Wine Pour with Rhys Campbell

////Wine Pour with Rhys Campbell

Rhys Campbell has held leadership positions at companies in at least three different industries and countries, from his days at Jamaican tobacco distributor Carreras, British American Tobacco in Trinidad, back in Jamaica with JPS, over to Bahamas with the Bristol Group and now as commercial director at leading wine & spirits distributor CPJ.

Chris Reckord (CR): When we met many years ago, you were responsible for placing very different products on the market. Share with us your journey into the wine & spirits business.

Rhys Campbell (RC): From as early as 2000 I found myself trying new wines and seeking out wine education opportunities. I did a few sessions with DeVine Wine Services and realised that there was so much more to learn in the world of wine. Thereafter, I experienced several wine tastings in Costa Rica, Miami and London, which proved to be major game-changers for me.

After several years in corporate affairs and economic development sectors, I switched gears when I was head-hunted by the Bahamas’ largest distributor of premium wines and spirits. My tenure there was fantastic, but after living outside of Jamaica for almost a decade, I really missed home, and so earlier this year I returned to be closer to my family.

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