Robert Williams – CPJ Jack Of All Trades

////Robert Williams – CPJ Jack Of All Trades

During his 17 years of working at Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ), Robert Williams, technical services manager, has become somewhat of a jack of all trades because he has worked in various departments at the company.

“When I started in March 1997, I came in as an inventory clerk, working with a very small team. I then moved on to working with brokers, clearing containers, doing logistics work, being busy at the wharf and the customs house,” Williams said with pride.

“I moved on from that assignment to working in the warehouse, then to doing inventory control, then to logistics. In September 2001, I moved to the juice production plant.”

After being appointed to the production plant, Williams served as its manager until 2011.

“I managed the production plant until three years ago. I was managing both systems and production … then in 2011, I was asked to take over the technical services, so that is what I am doing now,” said Williams, referring to his current job responsibilities.

But no matter what department he has worked in while at CPJ, one thing has always remained consistent for Williams: his enjoyment of the company and its work environment.

“I like the people (co-workers), we have a very good team of employees, and I am honoured to be speaking right now as it relates to being one of the longest-serving employees,” Williams said with obvious pride.

His love for his job translates into an eagerness to see the CPJ brand expand and be established beyond Jamaica’s borders.

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