Dr. Lowe climbs higher at CPJ

////Dr. Lowe climbs higher at CPJ

Dr. David Lowe, former chief revenue officer at Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) is now the CEO at the listed company.

CPJ is a major distributor and has established itself as the largest purveyor of food and beverage to the local hospitality sector while expanding to the wider Caribbean with a subsidiary in St Lucia.

Lowe takes over from Co-founder Thomas Tyler who has been CEO since 2007. Tyler who himself succeeded fellow Co-founder Mark Hart to the CEO role, will now work alongside him as Co-chairman. Lowe’s promotion marks the first time that a non-founder has taken on the CEO role at the Montego Bay-based company. The promotion follows Cabinet naming Lowe to the board of the National Health Fund in April.

Before joining CPJ, Lowe worked in agriculture as project manager for the Agro-Investment Corporation. Prior to that, in 2007, Lowe was chairman of the Agricultural Development Corporation, having already worked at Eden Gardens during its start-up phase in developing real estate and entering the Kingston hospitality market.

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