CPJ w/ Cocoa J’Ouvert

////CPJ w/ Cocoa J’Ouvert

CPJ’s Trishauna Kirlew joins DJ Walshy Fire (centre) and Sun nation promoter Phillip ‘PP’ Palmer (right) for a quick photo op on the road.

Cocoa J’Ouvert thrills soca fans

While most Jamaicans are used to a cup of cocoa, as part of their morning ritual, it was used on bodies in abundance last Saturday when Sun nation teamed up with CPJ to host Sun nation’s Cocoa J’Ouvert at Hope Gardens.

Dubbed by many as the best soca party, so far, for the carnival season, the event took on a euphoric state as the musical selections moved through each and every patron, taking them on a journey from the well-manicured lawns of Hope Gardens to the streets of St Andrew for a brief road march and back.


The party kicked off at 4 p.m. and, by minutes after 6, it was in full gear as music permeated the air at this, the first staging. The high-energy event was a must-attend for socaphiles who can appreciate some of the unique elements that the promoters drew on. Cocoa, instead of paint, was a welcome change that patrons thought was a novel idea.

The event had a stellar line-up of some of the best in entertainment with DJ Walshy Fire at the turntable and soca artiste Lil Rick making a brief appearance.

Lil Rick, another top addition to the event, is a well-known Bajan soca artiste, famous for his non-stop energy on stage and enviable gyration. When the soca artiste was welcomed for his performance, the already cocoa-tainted patrons went into a frenzy as Lil Rick drew for a number of his best songs.

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