CPJ disburses $1.5 m in scholarships

//, News//CPJ disburses $1.5 m in scholarships

FREEPORT, St James — Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) on Tuesday disbursed $1.5 million in scholarships to its employees’s children who maintained ‘A’ averages throughout the academic school year.

Approximately 27 of the 45 children who applied for the scholarships made the required grade, Chief Operating Officer, Jan Pollack, told the Observer West following a brief presentation ceremony at the company’s offices.

CPJ’s CEO Mark Hart and Co-Chairman, Tom Tyler encouraged the children to make the best use of the educational opportunities available to them.

“Now is the time to learn when you are young,” said Hart, (your brain) is a sponge.”

Hart’s sentiments were echoed by Tyler, who engaged the children in a lively discussion about their ambitions.

Paediatric emerged as one of the most popular career choices, although one youngster, 11-year-old Ron Allen Daley, who will be attending the Wolmers Boys school in September, expressed the desire to become a Paleontologist.


Jamaica Observer

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