CPJ Considers Selling Rabbit Meat

////CPJ Considers Selling Rabbit Meat

Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ) says it is assessing the viability of rabbit meat as an addition to its portfolio amid the emerging local acceptance of the product as a protein source.

The improving local appetite for rabbit meat has also seen some local restaurants toying with the idea of adding the protein to their menus, albeit voicing fears of inconsistent supply and an undeveloped industry.

But for the Montego Bay, St James-based distributor, while it does not currently carry the product, “We are engaged in internal assessment looking at whether it is a viable commercial product to have in our portfolio compared to pork, beef or chicken,” CPJ’s chief revenue officer, Dr. David Lowe, told the Financial Gleaner in a telephone interview.

“We have not actually established a presence or a market for it as yet, but it is something the market is now adjusting its taste profile and its willingness to explore as another type of protein. So, we are monitoring whether or not it will be viable over time, and whether there is any scope for innovative ways to prepare it and therefore make it even more attractive than just being rabbit meat,” Lowe said.

Though the company has not mapped out the quantities it would initially process, Lowe said the CPJ has long since been aware of the niche but is conducting its due diligence to ensure it is an area of sustainable growth, instead of “taking on a fad”.

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