CPJ And Jackson Wines

////CPJ And Jackson Wines

Half Moon Hotel, Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), Michelin chef, Ken Frank of La Toque, Napa Valley, and the Jackson Family Wines took diners on a fabulous culinary journey at the Sugar Mill Restaurant last Friday night.

Pairing Frank’s star performance in the kitchen with one of the largest wine groups in the western hemisphere – Jackson Family Wines, renowned for brands such as La Crema, Stonestreet and, of course, Kendall Jackson, diners was treated to six artistic and mostly delicious courses.

Frank’s accomplishments cannot be overstated considering he has never received any formal epicurean training and has received a Michelin Star for his restaurant – La Toque. His style is a modern take on a classic, French cuisine.

Jackson Family’s Atalon Sauvignon Blanc – a crisp, vibrant white wine from the heart of Napa Valley, with notes of citrus and lemon blossom, which danced on the palate, made the perfect pairing to the fresh, Snapper Crudo, which was used to awaken the appetite.

For the second course, La Crema Pinot Gris, a medium-bodied white wine with rounded flavours of apple and pears, was paired with the blanched white asparagus, which played perfectly against the fruitier notes of the wine.

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