A Whole New World of Great Wines

////A Whole New World of Great Wines

A few years ago I attended a Wine Expo staged by the Washington State Tourist Association. I was joined by wine distributors from all over the world and the goal of the Expo was to expose us to the state’s fine wine culture.

We toured Washington’s Pacific North West known for its highly acclaimed wines and I was struck by the region’s pristine nature, abundant natural resources and distinctive geography with its verdant rolling topography.

Washington State’s wines were recognized by Wine Enthusiast magazine as ‘Wine Region of the Year’ in 2001. The region’s wines have had a meteoric rise and are now; HOGUE CELLARS™, founded in 1982

  1. Strongest of top 10 domestic/import regions!
  2. 6th consecutive year of double digit expansion
  3. Driving domestic wine consumption!

The Washington Difference can be attributed to;

    1. Wine quality on par with the great wine regions of the world
    2. Same latitude as Bordeaux and Burgundy
    3. Sandy loam soil with extraordinary drainage
    4. Two hours of additional sunlight throughout growing season
    5. Long warm days followed by cool evenings and nights
    6. Irrigation provided by Cascade Mountain snow fields


Hogue is distributed by Caribbean Producers in Merlot and Riesling varietals and is available at Major Retail Stores and restaurants island-wide in addition to Bin 26. Founded in 1982 by Mike and Gary Hogue, the winery is located in Eastern Washington’s Columbia Valley, the premiere grape growing region of the state. The climate and soils of the Columbia Valley produce grapes with intense fruit flavours and high natural acidity. The wines have a liveliness and ripe, zesty fruit flavours that make them ideal complements to a wide range of food. Clear varietal character with pure fruit aromas and flavors is the viticultural and winemaking focus of these wines. This fruit-forward character is the defining quality of wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington State.

Among its many Accolades, Hogue is known for;

  1. Uncompromising quality for the price across all brands.
  2. Established and respected, Washington State’s #3 winery.
  3. # 1 domestic premium Riesling brand.
  4. Award-winning.  Consistently recognized for quality.

So experience the Washington difference with Hogue, it could open you up to a whole new World!

For More information Email dreid@caribbeanproducers.com

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