Dr. Lowe Takes A Bow As CPJ Profit Trends North

Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ) made a near-250 percent turnaround in the first quarter ending September, having turned a US$315,650 loss into a profit of US$463,346. CEO David Lowe, who was handed the helm of the company 18 months ago, sees the results as a vindication of the ongoing restructuring programme that he has [...]

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New Tech Platform For CPJ – Expansion Plans Drive Investment In Logistics

A one-day lockdown of Caribbean Producers Jamaica's (CPJ) facilities near the end of October was for a systems upgrade. The distribution and manufacturing company, based in Montego Bay, is adding a new technology platform to improve its supply chain and logistics management functions. Chief Executive Officer David Lowe said that the current upgrade was [...]

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Wine Pour with Rhys Campbell

Rhys Campbell has held leadership positions at companies in at least three different industries and countries, from his days at Jamaican tobacco distributor Carreras, British American Tobacco in Trinidad, back in Jamaica with JPS, over to Bahamas with the Bristol Group and now as commercial director at leading wine & spirits distributor CPJ. Chris [...]

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CPJ disburses $1.5 million in scholarships

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) on Tuesday awarded $1.5 million in scholarships to 49 students who are children of employees at the company. The recipients were selected on the basis of their attaining and maintaining an above 74 percent average during the last school year at the primary and secondary [...]

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All You Can Eat With Jack Daniel’s

There's no barbeque like a Jack Daniel's Southern Style Back Yaad Bar-b-que, the original and still the best. On Sunday, August 20, the UWI Mona Visitors' Lodge will be transformed to host this premium all-you-can-eat event from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. "We recognized that they're hardly any high-quality, all-inclusive food events at affordable [...]

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CPJ awards excellence

More than 50 employees of Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) received cash and prizes totaling over $3 million during the company's annual staff awards ceremony held recently at the Palmyra at Rose Hall in St James. Delivery driver David Johnson was the toast of the awardees, copping the Employee of the Year award as well [...]

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Restructuring delivers results for Caribbean Producers

Although nine-month earnings were down some four cents on the year before — moving from US$0.21 per share to US$0.17, directors of Caribbean Producers Jamaica Ltd (CPJ) indicate that the company is now reaping the results of a restructuring programme which began in the first quarter and will continue beyond the current fiscal year.In [...]

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Banfi & PierLuigi at Toscanini

I was reminded during a recent trip to Italy of how patriotic people were in their wine selections. It's elementary, really: you live in Tuscany, you mainly drink wines from Tuscany. When a wine producer from Tuscany wants to host an Italian wine dinner in Jamaica the venue list must include multi-award-winning restaurant Italian [...]

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Caribbean Producers Will Make A Profit, Says CEO

Caribbean Producers Jamaica Limited (CPJ), a supplier of liquors and food to the hospitality sector, will still post an accounting profit this year despite impairment of its earnings, according to the company's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. David Lowe. The stock, listed on the junior stock exchange, lost nearly one-third of its value since the impairment [...]

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